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About Me

My creative process starts when I’m surrounded by nature. 

Being outdoors amongst the mountains, trees and the ocean is for me that creative catalyst. 

Sometimes a simple pen sketch is enough to evoke a memory or an emotion, but putting paint to canvas is where my heart is fully able to express the feelings I have. Using my hands in my painting practice, allows me to express the emotion behind the art, creating tactile pieces which through the use of a limited selection of warm toned hues, evoking ethereal atmospheres. 

A hint of gold ink finishes off each piece, catching the light with the passing day. 

There’s a simplicity to my illustrative work, choosing to use handmade papers and simple marks with the smallest of fine point pens, the effect often instilling a sense of peace and strength. 

Working from my small home studio, I happily spend hours reflecting on my time in the Highlands and in my homeland the Lake District to sketch past adventures and dream of new ones. My experiences and creative journey have helped to develop my work and life philosophy, primarily to be true to one's self, follow your passion and create your own path.

I hope and believe that this philosophy is reflected in my art and will be obvious enough to come across to you too. So please, join me on my journey, take a browse through my site and come say 'Hi' over on social media. We can drink tea, and talk about our dreams and wishes into the wee small hours!

Love Victoria